Thierry Schneider, Athlete of Life !

Athlete of Life

Thierry SchneiderThierry Schneider, the man who will get the best of you, is a true Athlete of Life. Referred to as Coach of the Leaders, he presently accompanies on an international level, businessmen and -women, trainers, athlets and artists, assisting them in obtaining their level of excellence.

Thierry Schneider is a lecturer known for his enthusiasm and charisma and has created the Conference Athlete of Life. Said electrifying event will transmit to each participant the irrevocable desire to realize one's most audacious goals...

Thierry schneider's seminars, conferences and coachings were very successfull among partners like: Crédit Suisse, United Banking Switzerland, Rabobank Nederland, Banque Privée Sarasin, Royal Philips, A.H.P., Novartis, R.J. Reynolds, Young President Organisation...

Backed up by his experience as a sports coach, Thierry Schneider constituted the company Intelligent Emotions S.A., based in Geneva. All in all, this has given rise to the program Intelligent Emotions Intemo ® Coaching, an up to date and original working method, aiming to accompany individuals and teams towards their optimal performance level. And here is where his rich itinerary has led him. An itinerary which has always been deeply rooted within human values, acquired and integrated during a long journey as a self-taught person.

Former soccer player, goal keeper, then teacher, trainer, manager and finally consultant in the field of health prevention on an international level, where he has played a determining role in the setting-up of an avant-garde training school, i.e. Wellness Trainer.

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Very often, we feel confined to repeating the same boring screenplays, indirectly in order to satisfy our need for security. We are not aware that this way of proceeding erases a little bit of who we are, each and every day, it erases the vital surge to live a grand life.

However, security cannot be found in the fact that we possess things, nor that we have certain advantages or bear titles. True security lies in the fact that we feel life flowing and boiling in our veins, which leads us incessantly to dare taking new directions and venture there where the majority of people will not go. We will then reconquer our true identity and discover our “personal legend”, speaking by Paulo Coelho’s words.

Making ourselves small, refusing the fervour of the heart, not venturing on unknown and exciting territories... the only effect this provides is to ruin our reason for being, and so lose confidence in ourselves.... Above all, we are Human beings, not Human doings. We can only achieve real freedom by cultivating that freedom in ourselves, which means investing our time to evolve, being thirsty to learn new things, making new encounters, visiting new places...

As an “Athlete of Life “, we can decide, here and now, to realise our dreams, to mount our interior heights. We will never find the feeling of security by trying to sterilise our lives. The more we try to control our environment, the more we imprison ourselves in a vicious circle of illusions. It is impossible to positively approach the future when we are holding on with fear to habits of the past.

The only certainty on which we can build our future is to know that everything changes continuously. Be it our relationships, our physiological state, the things that surround us, our orientation, all is in perpetual movement! If we choose to contain this natural dynamics, we will rapidly endure moral and physical injuries.

We know deep inside ourselves that our only security lies in the seeds of the unknown. From the unknown, anything can come! An excellent reason to invest as from today, in developing a special fervour. Let us be as bold as “to court risk”, to dance with risk, because being alive is a risk. And this risk is called “the spice of life” : it is the true pleasure of existing. So, do we choose to walk towards our integrity, or do we “disintegrate” ourselves a little bit more, every day?

It is up to us to choose….


What is my dearest dream, here and now? I take the time today to answer this essential question, because tomorrow may be too late… Dare!

“First, be aware of what you want to be, then, do what you have to do !" Epictète



Book Athlete Of LifeAthlète of Life: Act or be acted upon?

In this very special session with the European "Coach of Leaders" renowned for his enthusiasm and charisma, you will discover the "Natural Process of Success", which will enhance the commitment and entrepreneurship of your organization.

The program aims to inspire each of you with the desire to attain your most challenging goals. Thierry Schneider will reveal that life is like sports. We have to train ourselves to be successful and become an "Athlete of Life", someone who uses his profession to serve his personal development.

This powerful session is designed for all those who are ready to get started long a new path.


Training & Coaching

Using my profession to serve my personal development

Being myself
" Unlearning " not to be competitive at the right moment, at the right time ;

Becoming " the right attitude "
Comprehension versus battle ;

Transforming stress in a generator of opportunities
From being a limit, change becomes the drive ;

Developing my " emotional vitality "
Optimal communication with myself and therefore naturally with my environment ;

Being a true leader
Preparing myself continuously to lead by example ;

Consciously creating positive results
Being aware of the process which increases my potential and decreases my frustration ;



Nestlé, Crédit Suisse, United Banking Switzerland, Rabobank Nederland, Banque privé Sarasin, Royal Philips, A.H.P., Novartis, R.J. Reynolds, Young President Organisation,...

U.B.S. " Thierry Schneider, the athlete of body and mind, has sensed, observed, learned. Now he shares. A true awakening... " G. Maison Communication Director

A.H.P. " We wish to thank you for your seminar which was of great quality... " T. Volle, Managing Director

Firmenich " Thierry Schneider's performance on stress particularly impressed me " J. Heidrich, Vice President H.R.

C.R.Q.P. : " We particularly would like to thank you for your intervention which was highly appreciated. Your message corresponded exactly to the participant's expectations. " B. Gartenmann and Emmenegger, Directeur H.R. Banque Mirabaud

R.J. Reynolds " Thanks to your personal coaching, I learn to live again " M. Bourbonnais, Vice President H.R.

Theseus International Management Institute " Thierry Schneider is one of those rich persons who play the role of a catalyst " Colin Turner, Professor

Young President Organisation. " Thierry Schneider's lectures have been highly appreciated among our participants " Organisation Committee

Paris-Match " Thierry Schneider has developped a method of coaching based upon one fundamental principal : being yourself allows you to be performing " Press

Psychologies " One of the most renowned international coaches " Press

Jacques Salomé, writer " Not only did Thierry offer us a hymn to life, moreover, he provided a vade-mecum to the freedom of being " about the book : " Joy, everything is possible "



Tribune de Genève (Switzerland) June 2001
" Thierry Schneider : the man who knows how to get the best out of you. Mental coaching has not provided all its benefits yet. This particular approach allowed Thierry Schneider to open a new door in the field of mental management mental and to build himself a flattering reputation, which leads him to spread his knowledge on an international basis. The conferences and the books of Thierry Schneider created a small earthquake. Which was also felt in the bookstores... "

Psychologie (France) April 2001
" One of the most renowned international coaches, has chosen the form of a novel to allow us to discover how to explore our interior wealth : by letting our heart speak. You will appreciate the principles of wisdom and common sense, the spontaneous writing of a man who dares to express his feminin part. "

Guide-Ressources (Canada) April 2001
" His books, his international career and his competence do not prevent Thierry Schneider from stating that everyone can be a coach. He believes that coaching is closely linked to the notion of Emotional Intelligence : in order to be content at work, one has to be capable to realise one self and be respected "

Le Matin (Switzerland) March 2001
" The French-Swiss coach of the leaders publishes his third book, an initiatory tale, together with a magnificent and precious manual to life. Jacques Salomé writes in its preface, that this book is not only a " Hymn to life, but the equivalent of a vade-mecum to the freedom of being. " The goal is set once profession to serve one's life and not to set one's life to serve one's profession "

France Football (France) October 2000
" This book was realized by 3 Swiss " technicians " it fills a gap in football technique " literature ". A work to which one may refer in the world of football, such that the F.I.F.A. recommends the book to all technicians. "

Psychologie (France) September 2000
" To me, coaching does not mean acquiring new tools, but to " unlearn " that which is not working for us : it is the process of becoming aware, allowing us to leave our destructive habits, which inhibit our creative potential, behind. Then follows a physical preparation, stress management, working on Emotional Intelligence, the values of life and our personal goals. "

La Voix de l'Est (Canada) September 2000
" Thierry Schneider, the " every day coach ", tries to make people " unlearn " to think only with our mind. The training applies to sportsmen, as well as businessmen, directors and artists. In fact, this former athlete hit himself to a wall of limits. At first, he did not want to accept them. Life, however, made sure to teach him that those limits came from within himself. Letting go, accepting and not wanting to control everything and choosing to be forever in the " Little Prince attitude ", i.e. accepting circumstances, all of those are true martial arts, mental, emotional and physical."

Vie et Santé (Canada) September 2000
" In order to create a winning team, let's transform our daily activities in martial art, in order to develop our attention in the present moment, and to identify change as a constancy of balance. Let's learn to use the rational and the emotional, enabling us to go ahead and make others advance with us. We will then discover that the only adversary is to be found within ourselves... "